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Arbitration, Coaching and Mediation

As an entrepreneur, there is always a chance that you are faced with a dispute or even a conflict. You obviously want to prevent these cases, but there are occasions in which you cannot foresee a dispute. We can help you through conflict mediation. The fact remains that dispute resolution often takes a long time and costs a lot of money. However, we try to save you time and costs so that you can focus on your own priorities. To avoid tensions spanning many years, we will give you extensive advice and will help you make decisions. By listening carefully and asking the right questions, we guide you to a solution that you can formulate yourself. If this does not work, we will be able to make the right decision for you if desired.

It is possible to make this decision binding, this means that if one of the parties does not follow the ‘rules’ set by the agreement a judge can take action. Mediation, coaching, binding advice and arbitration can all be used to solve disputes outside the court, but there are also differences between these three. In the text below we will describe each one. We are happy to advise you on which strategy fits best to solve your conflict.




If you have a dispute or disagreement within your family or company, you can turn to a mediator. A mediator is an independent third party that supports the other parties with the conflict diagnosis and the negotiation process. The process will proceed through different phases, being: the relational phase, a business phase and a legal phase. The interests of the persons concerned will come first at all stages, so that a fair and sincere solution is reached for both parties.
The mediator will lead and analyse the negotiation process and then discuss the points of conflict with both parties. Subsequently, research will be conducted into solutions that both parties support. We notice that compliance with mediation agreements is very high, namely 90%. A major advantage of mediation is that a dispute is often resolved faster and cheaper than in court. An extra bonus is that the solution meets the wishes of both parties which will ultimately last longer. This is very important as it often concerns parties that will meet again in the future.


Arbitration is like mediation a way to solve a conflict without a judge. Experts, also called arbitrators will decide over how to solve the conflict. In contrast to mediation the agreements made will be binding. This form of conflict resolution is mainly used in the business world. When it comes to decisions for shareholders or the board level, it is often decided to set up an arbitration committee.
As with mediation, this is an independent third party that will make decisions about the conflict.
The advantage of arbitration is that it often goes faster than when a judge is involved. However, arbitration is might be a more expensive option when a large number of experts are appointed and the procedure will take longer. Family First's experts will do everything they can to limit these costs and resolve your conflict for you in the best possible way.



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When you think about coaching, often you think about guidance to effectively help people, teams and organisations with a challenge forwards. But this challenge can also be a conflict and a coach can help you solve it yourself. In this regard coaching is very similar to the subjects discussed before, but broader. If you are the only one managing your company it could be nice to spar with someone to talk about what to do. We have also built up companies, and are happy to coach you. This way we can help you resolve the conflict properly.


Counselling often involves a long-term relationship in which by means of effective conversations, problems can be made transparent quickly. A counsellor guides people who have found themselves in a situation that is painful, uncomfortable or undesirable, in their private life, in their relationship or at work. You can come to us for counselling for advice to make your life a little easier.

We help you in every situation and are happy to think along with you!

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