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Protect your assets

Your assets need to be protected, in both cases, business and private. There will be others who want to profit of of you, this is of course okay if you consent to it. But your assets need to be protected against unwanted influences.

Besides your future can have unexpected turns which may threaten the continuity of your company. With the right measures the impact will be smaller.

Against whom do i need to protect my assets?

There are different groups or events that should not be able to come close to your assets, however not every group is applicable to everyone. The measures to protect the assets are different for each group, with the groups and events being:

double taxation

  • Double taxation

Paying taxes once is how it should be, paying taxes over taxes is not pleasant for anybody. The tax system should be set up properly to prevent this.


  • Regulators

Many industries have regulators, but who keeps track of what the regulators do? It is important to check if the orders of the regulator comply with the specific set rules.

new owners of your company

  • New owners of your company

Afterwards they could realise there is more than just the purchase of a company. They will feel disadvantaged, prevent that they are coming to you for compensation.


  • Children/caretakers

Imagine you are no longer in your right mind (for example in a case of early dementia). Who protects you and your assets as you wish?


  • Exes

They have profited already, the question remains is it fair that they benefit once more, we help you make a strong case.

personal circumstances

  • Personal circumstances

You can not evade every personal circumstance, but what you can do is devise a plan how to deal with your assets in case it is necessary.

Thomas Langerwerf

"Time is money and the clock is ticking"

- Thomas Langerwerf

How do we protect your assets?

First of all, it’s important to create and structure all the assets that belong to you. After this first step we can look at how you spread your wealth over different investment options and look at the separate service providers for each one. Then we can give you an advice on how to better protect your assets (for example through shielding or anonymization). If you wish, we can also bring you in touch with banks or asset managers. We can also speak on your behalf and act as director of your companies or foundations.

asset protection important

Why is asset protection important?

When you have worked hard all your life and have built up some wealth as a result, it is nice to have that wealth protected. Unfortunately, it is often the case that people around you want to take advantage of your hard work and money. Therefore, it is very important that you have your wealth protected. We at Family First can help you with this. Don't let others benefit from your hard work and take the first step towards reducing your financial worries today.

More info about asset protection?

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