More about Stewardship 
Getting the most out of your legacy


Stewardship is about the management of estates. Traditionally wealthy families hired stewards to take care of their estate (both when they were there and when they were gone). Back then it was mostly about direct management (taking care of the grounds, managing personnel), but nowadays it is more about financial, planning and legal aspects of the property.

A steward is often a combination of a real estate expert, tax specialist and lawyer who advises the customer about the future of the estate. Contrary to an estate agent, the steward is focused on the long term and not in it for a quick win.

What activities are included in stewardship?

Owning an estate brings a lot of organisational work with it. A part of this is easily done yourself, but for the financial and legal part good advice and management is necessary. The following things can be included in stewardship:

thomas langerwerf

"Think about safety walls and thresholds"

- Thomas Langerwerf

Ground rent

An estate is not always in use by the owner, it can also be used by others through a ‘Ground lease’. In these cases, it is important to make an agreement about the duration of the lease, how it can be used and the compensation for it. We can help you draft a lease which will be approved by the Agricultural Tenancies Authority. We can also support you in determining the rent, drawing up agreements and even selecting the tenant.

How can we as a Stewardship office help you?

Family First manages large real estate properties. Often with the support of local authorities. Where possible, we use national tax benefits to make management for you as beneficial as possible and to ensure long-term existence. For all the aforementioned points, we can advise you or even take the work off your hands. This ensures that the estate is managed in a responsible and efficient manner, so future generations can also enjoy it.