What is stewardship?

How did stewardship come about?

Already in feudal times, stewards were used. This was often someone who resided or lived on the estate of the feudal lord. The oldest account of a Dutch steward dates from the year 1313.

Good estate planning is not only about tax law, on the contrary! The most tax-efficient form of inheritance of an estate is important, but you also have to look at the goals of the family, such as supporting the children, a donation to a charity, or a study for the grand- or great-grandchildren. In this way you keep the family wealth and you can offer your offspring a good future. It appears that tax aspects often are predominate, in our opinion this is a form of professional deformation. In many cases it is wrongly assumed that the client is only concerned with minimizing gift and inheritance taxes.

Stewardship today

Today, stewards are often well-trained real estate experts who can help you with all your questions. In addition to managing and organizing, these stewards also deal with the following matters: land affairs, land policy and the transfer of ownership. The difference between a broker and a steward is in the time horizon. The broker is usually only tied to a client for a short time. The steward goes for the long term and thus builds a good relationship with the client.

The Netherlands Association of Rentmeesters NVR exists in the Netherlands. This association ensures that the members adhere to strict rules and customs. This guarantees the quality of the stewards.

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"Money Talks, Bullshit Walks"

- Thomas Langerwerf

Stewardship at Family First

If you want to have your real estate properly managed, we at Family First can help you with that. Our specialists have many years of experience in the real estate market and are happy to be of service. At Family First we can help you with the following points:

  • Daily management
  • Advice on buying and selling
  • The Natural Beauty Act (NSW), the Monuments Act (MW)
  • Classification of Estates
  • Taking advantage of (tax) benefits
  • Tax aspects and Legal aspects
  • Establishment of rights in rem
  • Valuation of real estate
  • Ground lease
  • Expropriation
  • Land Affairs / Land Policy
  • Transfer of Ownership

Need stewardship?

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